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The Fastest Growing Wine Brands of 2017  

Wine consumption in America increased again during 2017, growing 1.3% to 345.7 million 9-liter cases. This comes after a total of 341.1 million cases in 2016, which itself represented a 2% volume growth over 2015.
That puts 2017 in line with recent growth trends. The U.S. wine category has had 1% to 3% annual growth rates dating back to 2011, when the country first began to emerge from the Great Recession.
What’s behind this recent growth? Millennials play a large part. They are an explorative group, a generation more interested in trying new flavors than adhering to one style or one brand. Look for younger LDA consumers to continue buying across different categories, countries and varietals of wine.
How do you capture their attention? Labels are as important as ever. Millennials care less about where a wine is from, and more about the eye-catching art, the brand story and the specific varietal inside.
Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione on Craft’s Struggles and Future Growth
Dogfish Head has remained a pioneer in the craft beer industry since opening in Milton, Delaware in 1995. Now available in 31 states, the brand has grown considerably in recent years, setting new volume records. Annually it produces around 225,000 barrels of beer.
But the craft beer industry overall faces headwinds. To discuss this and other pertitent topics, we recently sat down with Dogfish Head founder and president Sam Calagione.

The Beverage Information Group’s Growth Brands Awards reception will take place during the WSWA Convention in Las Vegas later this month. All wholesaler attendees are welcome to join us in the Abruzzi Room (Pool Level) at Caesars at 6pm on Monday, April 30 for refreshments and an open bar. We hope to see you there!

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