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The Best Wines of 2019  
  Hard to believe but the end of 2019 is already around the corner. As such, we asked our wine panelists for the final round of this year to look back on their favorite bottles of wine. The reviews below were the pours that stood out the most for our panelists in 2019. As always, these selections include brief tasting notes, a rating and the wine’s retail price (which varies from store to store and market to market). If you’re a beverage professional who would like to learn about participating in our panel, please contact Beverage Whoplesaler editor Kyle Swartz at 763-383-4400 x2225, or email him at

The Best Wines of 2019
Interview: Drizly Co-Founder Cory Rellas on Alcohol Ecommerce in 2019-20  
Interview: Drizly Co-Founder Cory Rellas on Alcohol Ecommerce in 2019-20
Ecommerce is growing rapidly. Consumers increasingly purchase products online and expect prompt deliveries to their doorsteps. And while the world of alcohol might be slow in digitizing sales — whether due to legal hurdles or outdated thinking — modern customers still want to buy beer, wine and spirits online. The ecommerce genie is out of the bottle for the beverage alcohol industry. Companies like Drizly deliver products to customers who order alcohol on their apps. Some retailers have created websites that excel, while other businesses ship directly to consumers. And with landmark cases like Tennessee vs. Blair, alcohol ecommerce will assuredly expand in 2020 and beyond.


The House Judiciary Committee approved a landmark bill last week legalizing cannabis at the federal level.
Key Account Manager
Wholesaler: Republican National Distributing Company
Location: Washington DC, MD
Essential Duties and Responsibilities: (additional responsibilities may be assigned) Conducts sales negotiations with key accounts.  Sets up schedules and appointments to obtain new accounts and to service existing accounts.  Fills out sales records such as expense or call and operational reports. Surveys market area to detect business trends and opportunities for new products or new applications for existing products.  Assists in the development of sales forecasts.  Plans for sales activities by forecasting conditions, defining objectives and strategies and securing resources. …

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