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Which Exotic Spirits Will Trend in 2018?  

American consumers have developed a thirst for the exotic, and they are searching the globe for new and novel spirits to taste, aided in their quest by innovative producers and importers.The phenomenon is driven by a number of factors, and trends: wider-ranging travel, expanding interest in ethnic cuisines and immigrant communities longing for a taste of home.
Much of the interest in exotic liquors is generated by the cocktail renaissance, as bartenders investigate new ways to wow customers. On-premise explorations lead consumers to replicate those intriguing cocktails at home, and drive them to retail stores.
We have identified three regions where local liquids are angling for center stage in the American market: Mexico, South America and Asia. Of the spirits from these areas, some are virtually unknown in the U.S. market, while others have established footholds here.
Interview: The Pros of Vertical Integration For Legal Cannabis Companies
Sunday Goods is a vertically integrated cannabis company based in Arizona. They serve medicinal patients and caregivers (Arizona does not permit recreational pot, which failed in state referendum last year). They also grow, sell and deliver their own products. Marketing for Sunday Goods highlights the all-natural, clean attributes of their cannabis.
Why would a cannabis company prefer vertical integration over taking part in a state-run, three-tiered control system? For perspective into that we recently spoke with Sunday Goods CEO Randy Smith, and Director of Cultivation, Sjoerd Broeks. Our conversation also touched on the topics of clean cannabis, the federal government and the trend of plants grown less for potency and more for craft and medicinal purposes.

The campaign to eliminate consignment sales is reportedly part of a $5 million campaign on the part of the Washington, DC-based TTB Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) to limit unlawful trade practices in the beverage alcohol sector. According to a March release from the TTB: "The focus of this TTB investigation is on consignment sales arrangements, which, like other unlawful trade practices, are used to gain an unfair advantage over law-abiding industry members and ultimately limit consumer choice.”
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