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Brandy Takes Off On-Premise  

Brandy was once mostly relegated to being a sipping spirit, says Dallas bartender Christy Pope. “Now, with the cocktail renaissance, there has been a slow build to re-introduce brandy into the greater bar culture,” says Pope, who with partner Chad Solomon runs cocktail bar Midnight Rambler at the Joule in Dallas.
“Pope stocks brandies from far and wide: French Cognacs and Armagnacs, California brandy and apple brandy from New Jersey, eau de vie from Oregon and Austria, and pisco and singani from South America. The best sellers at Midnight Rambler have been applejack and pisco, thanks to cocktails such as the Jack Rose and Pisco Sour. Pope is big on brandy: “Brandy is poised for its turn as the ‘new/old it’ spirit,” she says.
Interview: Modern Medicinal Cannabis on the East Coast
The spread of legal cannabis across America’s east coast has been led by the medicinal movement. Beyond setting groundwork for recreational laws that follow, medicinal has also helped change attitudes towards the drug as the east coast trails behind the west in terms of cannabis acceptance.
But that’s changing

Mark your calendars for March 31 for our Growth Brands reception at the WSWA Convention in Orlando. All wholesalers are invited to attend to celebrate this year’s winners. Reception will be held from 6-8pm at the Highball & Harvest restaurant in the Ritz Carlton – follow signs from the lobby bar. Hope to see you there!

Pricing Director
Wholesaler: Southern Glazer’s
Location: NY–Syosset
Requirements: Manage all supplier pricing calendars for wholesale and retail filings in a timely and accurate manner. Work with suppliers' brand managers to achieve spirits division profitability goals and objectives. Ensure all data sources are in place including brand funding, price support. Responsible for the development of the marketing pricing calendar. Analyze and input data from multiple sources to include negotiating costing/pricing with suppliers' brand managers to achieve required profitability. Responsible for assuring that pricing calendar meets state regulatory guidelines and timetables.

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