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Four Ways Business Intelligence Can Increase Sales for the Wine and Spirits Sector

According to the 2017 Silicon Valley Bank Wine report, wine sales will increase by 10 percent this year compared to last, which directly correlates with the growth of wineries nationwide. There are now approximately 9,000 wineries in the United States – representing a 43 percent increase over the last ten years. From a sales standpoint, wineries and wholesalers/distributors are looking for ways to stand out among the crowd and entice this growing market to purchase their wines.
To stay competitive, many wine and spirits organizations are turning to business intelligence to gain insights into their sales channels and attain an integrated view of the entire business.
Here are four tips derived from our wine and spirits customers that are optimizing and increasing sales efforts through business intelligence:

Go Mobile
A long time user of a business intelligence (BI) solution, North Carolina beer and wine wholesaler Mutual Distributing Company decided that it needed fast access to data in order to expand its distribution and increase sales across the state. By implementing the BI and information delivery solution on iPad Minis, Mutual Distributing Company was able to leverage a mobile BI solution that was compatible for both iOS and Windows operating systems. The mobile solution not only expanded the reach of the sales team, but also enabled them to achieve the following regardless of their location:
  • Distribute documents, forms and price lists
  • Have access to presentations to show customers
  • Provide dashboards that showcased goal achievement
  • Perform data analytics
  • Share information with customers
Through its mobile BI solution, the company’s sales team can now compare sales performances by product, time period and geographical region. Having on the go access to the most up-to-date data enables the sales team to be flexible and scalable, and provides their customers with more targeted information in a more-timely manner – resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction.
Sailor Jerry Bullish on Rum’s Future
Named after Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, Sailor Jerry spiced rum recently announced that it has surpassed 1 million annual case sales, an increase of 3.8%. In addition to that milestone, the brand announced a multi-year partnership with Harley-Davidson, creating custom Sailor Jerry motorcycles in collaboration with acclaimed tattoo artists. The bikes will be available this summer through a sweepstakes promotion.
I recently spoke to Senior Brand Manager Josh Hayes about the brand’s success and the rum category in general.
Beverage Wholesaler: Why is a brand like Sailor Jerry so strong in today’s market?
Josh Hayes: Right now the bulk of our sales are in the U.S. (79-80%), and we’ve been increasing sales since the start of the recession when our industry switched from a vodka-heavy world with bubble gum flavors to brown spirits. American Whiskey saw a lot of that growth, but it was ultimately people gravitating toward substance, meaning and history. Sailor Jerry was able to bridge that gap because we’re based on a real guy and have a lot of authenticity in the brand. Consumers craved that meaning and substance behind the brand, which has helped our trajectory all the way through the present day.

SGWS is the target of a recently-filed class action lawsuit, alleging “unfair, unlawful, deceptive and fraudulent business practices.” The company says it’s premature to comment on
the lawsuit at this time.

District Manager – Chains
Wholesaler: Young’s Market Company
Location:Phoenix, AZ
Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree and 1-2 years related experience.


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