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2017 Advertising & Promotion Award Winners  

Our sister publication, Beverage Dynamics, held its 33rd annual Advertising & Promotion Awards, which recognize the best design and execution of branded content developed by the beverage alcohol industry.
To see photos of all the winners in more than 40 categories, check out the digital edition of the Nov/Dec issue of Beverage Dynamics.
Editorial staff judged numerous entrees, and picked out the most-impressive campaigns. Winners in 2017 included spirits, wine and beer brands that created marketing campaigns — physical, digital and video — that reached consumers this past year.
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Two Millennia of Winegrowing in Corsica
While Corsica has been making wine for some 2,000 years, the island’s modern wine industry is just a few decades old. The region is gaining attention in recent years for its unique terroir and climate, as well as its indigenous grape varietals. The Corsican Wine Board hosted some American journalists and sommeliers a few months ago for a tour of the area and introduction to its wines.
A sense of place.
Located in the Mediterranean between France and Italy, just above Sardinia, Corsica has been part of France since 1768. But some 500 years under Genovese rule provide Corsica with a distinct Italian culture that’s evident in the wine.
In addition to niellucciu, Corsica’s key varietals include sciaccarellu; vermentinu, which is known as Rolle in southern France and a native of Italy; minustellu; carcaghjolu neru; and muscat à petits grains.
Corsicans are also discovering ancient indigenous grapes such as biancu gentile. A miniature continent, mountainous Corsica is typically sunny and dry, with cool nights and plenty of wind. The soil ranges from limestone and clay in the north and west to granite in the south and sandstone and volcanic in the center. The conditions are ideal for growing grapes.
Fragrant vegetation adds to the unique terroir. The flowering maquis—scrub that covers much of the island—scents the air with local rock-rose, heather, lavender and myrtle. The yellow immortelle flowers, best known in the U.S. as ingredients in the L’Occitane de Provence skin care products, in particular impart a sense of place to many of the Corsican wines.
Corsica’s key wine regions are Ajaccio, Patrimonio, Calvi, Sartene and Figari. The last four are viticultural sub-regions of the island’s Vin de Corse appellation, which also includes Porto-Vecchio in the southeast and Coteaux du Cap Corse on the northern Cap Corse peninsula. MORE…

Anheuser-Busch has reserved 40 Tesla electric semi-trucks in order to reduce fuel costs and vehicle emissions in its supply chain and delivery network.

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